New Website is Under Construction

As you can see, Phear Park Bowling Club has a new website under construction. Over the next few weeks information will be added, so please return frequently to see what is new.

Once the new season is under way in April, match reports will be added along with photographs and news of any upcoming events.

2 thoughts on “New Website is Under Construction”

  1. Very impressive Sarah, a nice fresh look.
    Are you still using 123reg for hosting if not I will need to cancel it as we pay for that.

    1. Hi Anne, no using GoDaddy so please can you cancel and it is due on the 15th May. Although, you may not have to as the domain was transferred from 123reg to GoDaddy and I will pay next year’s fee on 15th May to GoDaddy. Will continue to add to the website as and when I can. Regards SW

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