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Full details and application forms on our web site (see above) or from: Rob Mottershead, 12 Bunn Road, Exmouth EX8 5PP Tel 01395 267449
SUCCESSFUL TOURNAMENT WEEK  2014 2015 and 2016 Congratulations to all who contributed to the success of the Tournament. Winners & runners-up in the 2014 and 2015 and 2016 competitions were :
SUNDAY TRIPLES - Winners:  V Kirkland, M Kirkland, J Griffiths - Okehampton Runners up:  N Owen, P Steer, F Prince - Babbacombe MEN'S PAIRS - Winner:  C Cleaver and D Evans  - Phear Park Runners up:  T Flather and B Wood  -  Phear Park LADIES PAIRS  - Winners:  J Cowling and M Bond  -  Budleigh Salterton Runners up:  S Mott and L Everleigh  - Madeira MEN'S SINGLES  - Winner: A Cutler  - Exonia Runner up:  G Clarkson - Madeira
2016 Winners and Runners ups
MIXED PAIRS  - Winners:  R Mottershead and J Mottershead  - Phear Park Runners up:  H Morfey and K Daniels  -  Honiton/Madeira LADIES SINGLES  - Winner: J Rainton  -  Madeira Runner up:  H Morfey  -  Honiton
2015 Winners and Runners ups
Mixed Triples: M Powell, M Powell, C Skinner  -  Madeira Runners Up:  N Owen, S Owen, N Goodfellow  -  Babbacombe /Topsham Men's Singles: N Owen -  Babbacombe Runner Up: M Marks Madeira Ladies Singles: C Binmore  -  Honiton Runner Up: S Owen  -  Babbacombe Men's Pairs: R Hardman & R Mottershead  -  Exonia / Phear Park Runners Up: D Evans & B Smith - Phear Park Mixed Pairs: K Daniels & H Morfey  - Honiton Runners Up: R Henerson & J Henderson  -  Heavitree Ladies Pairs: S Westacott & C King   Phear Park / Madeira Runners Up: L Halpin & M Furminger Madeira
Winners and Runner Ups 2014
Mixed Triples: M O'Callaghan/P O'Callaghan/T Chown (Heavitree) Runners Up:   M Allen/J Martin/D Martin (Phear Park) Men's Singles: M Marks (Madeira) Runner Up: R Smith (Phear Park) Men's Pairs: M Lewis /P Sheppard (Belmont) Runners Up: T Chown/S Bexton  (Heavitree) Mixed Pairs: J Evans/D Evans (Feniton) Runners Up: S Owen/N Owen (Topsham) Ladies Pairs: D Dixon/A Barrett (Budleigh) Runners Up:  G Harding/J Evans (Phear Park & Feniton)
If you would like to know more, Rob Mottershead  Tel 01395 267449