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Action from Phear Park triples match against Uffculme bowling club 14.5.17  The good times continued to roll on for Phear Park Bowls Club. The week started with the  visit of East Devon Neighbours from Feniton in a four rink triples match.  Once again the Park were in fine form and the mach resulted in a sixty six shot to forty  eight shot victory.   Leading the way was the triple of Barkley Wood, Tim Flather and skip Sarah Westacott.  They led from start to finish of the eighteen ends to record a fifteen shot victory.   On rink five Kay Beresford, John Robins and skip Bob Smith won by six shots.  It was a much closer match on rink two where the Park triple of Margret Lock, Brian  Halsey and skip John Dill won by one shot.  Phear Park over 60s mens A team continued on well from last week and recorded a  second consecutive League victory. The visitors this time were North Tawton.   After recording a six on the second end, the triple of John Horne, Roland Heale and  skip David Horne led throughout their match to win with a score of twenty eight shots  to fourteen.  The second triple of John Dill John Whyte and David Evans were also successful and  won by seven shots to ensue that the maximum of eight points went to Park.  Not to be outdone Parks mens B team were also victorious in their match against  Bradnich A.   The triple of Rick Tatchell, Brian Halsey and skip Rob Mottershead  were in fine form and led throughout their match to win by fourteen shots.  The maximum eight league points were in the bag when John Greenslade John Anderson  and skip Bob Baker won by four shots.  It is not often that both the A and B team win and take maximum points from their  fixtures at the same time. There would have been fine celebrations if only Phear  had a bar.  Perhaps it was the dry celebrations, or had Park had run out of stamina?. On Thursday   a strong  Sidmouth team brought an end to the string of Park victories.  Sidmouth won on all rinks to score a sixty four to forty four shot victory.   In a four rink friendly triples match. The closest that park got to winning a rink was  on rink five where Jackie Bishop Rob Mottershead and skip David Adams fought hard  but went down by two shots.  The final fixture of the week was the visit of Uffculme bowling club in a four triple friendly match. In the Saturday fixture Park won on two rinks, and lost on two.  Unfortunately overall the match was lost by five shots even though at half time stage  they had led by a similar margin. It is often said in bowling circles that everything  changes after tea.   The two winning rinks were that of Tim Flather, Margo Allen  and skip John Robins  who won by eight shots, and Margret Lock, Nick Paris and skip Peter Burch who did  well to turn round a losing half time score to win by two shots.  Phear Park are very keen to encourage new members. A free taster day is to be held  at their ground in Phear Park on Saturday 20th May between 10.00am and 4.00pm.  No formal dress is required, only flat shoes or trainers. Free coaching, refreshments,  and bowls are available.   Come along and give the game a try. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you.    Phear Parks Over 60s A Winning  triple of (l-r)David Evans John Whyte  and John Dill 4.5.17   The rhyme goes March winds and April showers bring on May flowers. Certainly the  grounds looked in bright and colourful condition, thanks to the hard work of Andy  and the Phear Park ground staff team.  The theme continued on the greens where everything came up roses for Phear Park  this week. After several close but disappointing defeats in April, May saw a welcome  and dramatic change in Phear Park fortunes.  Exonia the much respected Exeter team found the home team to be at the top of their  game in a four rink triples match.   The result was a ninety one shot to forty nine victory for Park. In fact the home team managed to win three of the four rinks by double figure scores.  Rink four led the way where Jackie Cruse, Brian Halsey and skip Bob Smith powered  their way to sixteen shot win.   On rink three Kay Beresford, Margo Allen and Skip John Robins led from start to finish  to win by twenty four shots to eleven. Rink two saw Rick Tatchell, Faye Downend and Skip David Adams also recorded a thirteen shot victory.   Over on rink five Paul Beresford, Christine Hatchard and skip Tim Flather worked hard  to come back from being 14 shots to six down on the twelfth end to finish level  at seventeen shots each on the final end .  Wednesday saw the start of the mens over sixty triples league matches. Park A played Pinces Band again Park were on top form.  Leading the way were John Dill, John Whyte and skip David Evans. Despite going down  four shots on the first end they soon powered back to record a healthy fourteen shot  victory.   The other Park triple of Peter Burch, John Robins and Bob Smith looked to be in charge for most of their closely contested match, only to go down five shots on the penultimate end.   Although they came back with three shots on the last end, the damage was done and  they lost their rink by one shot. Overall Park took six league points from the fixture.   The good times continued at the week end when Park entertained Exeter Heavitree in  friendly five rink triples match.  The match was said to be enjoyed by all and played in good spirit.  The scoreboard clicked along at a steady rate as Park recorded a ninety nine to sixty  six shot victory. Park won on four of the five rinks.   The top performers being Rick Tatchell, Brian Halsey and Sarah Westacott who won their  rink by thirty shots to eight.  The only loosing rink for Park was that containing the club captain who lost heavily.   It may result in an interesting selection meeting next week, the club selectors were seen  to be taking notes.  Perhaps a bit of pruning and a liberal application of fertiliser are required. Lets hope  that the Park results continue to flourish in similar full bloom.   Phear Park hospitality was extended to Belmont Exeter in a  friendly triples match.   30.4.17   The visitors enjoyed their trip to the seaside and played the match in typical Exmouth  sunshine on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend.  At the half way point Park were leading the match by three shots. They held the led  two of the rinks and were tying on another of the four  in a very tightly contested match.  After the usual pleasantries of thanking the tea team, and the visitors for making  the visit from Exeter, the Park captain made a joke at half time about Burns night   It seemed a little at odds with the pleasant spring weather outside;   perhaps she knew the visiting club captain might have Scottish connections.  The visiting captain Gordon Brown (no relation to the previous Prime Minster)  said at the tea break that there would be gnashing of Belmont teeth if they  could not improve on the half time score line.   Certainly his talk raised the Belmont morale and they came out all guns blazing.  Perhaps Phear Park felt sorry for the visitors and the large dental bills might  result from such actions, or was it something in the tea!  Either way it was Belmont who raised their performance and Park who fell away.  The final score being sixty seven shots to seventy nine.  On rink three John Horne, Brian Halsey and skip Sarah Westacott worked hard to  establish a nineteen shots to twelve shot lead by the end of the sixteenth end,  only to see their lead cut dramatically over the last two ends.   They finish with a deserved wining two shot lead and were the only one of the Park  trios to do so. All said and done the match was enjoyed by all and we look forward to the return  fixture in June.                                                        The Park 24.4.17  Home advantage did not appear to give Phear Park any advantage in their Friendly  matches with local rivals Ottery St Mary and Honiton.   First up for Park was Ottery St Mary. The visitors appeared to hold all the aces in  their friendly mach on Thursday. They cruised to victory eighty seven shots to  forty three.  Ottery St Mary won on each of the four rinks in the triples mach. The best of the  home triple being Margo Allen, John Whyte and skip Peter Burch  who came  strongly after starting very slowly, unfortunately the deficit was too large to up and  they had to settle for a twenty three to fourteen shot defeat.  The other three rinks also lost by very similar scores margins.  Next up for Phear Park were the visitors from Honiton, they also found the sea air  very much to their liking in the four rink triples match.   This time the match was more evenly contested as the lead swung back and forth  on all four rinks. All was still to play for going into the last ends. Park were a little  disappointed to see the match slip away from them as the visitors recorded a seventy  three to sixty one shot victory.  John Horne, David Adams and skip Sarah Westacott were the only Phear Park triple  to come out on top.  They established a commanding sixteen shot to five lead by the end of the fourteenth,  only to see the opposition cut back their lead to three points by the end of the match.                  17.4.17                  Phear Park 2017 team takes to the Green  After the winter months spent at a variety of indoor bowls venues, the Phear Park  members took to outdoor greens for the first  Easter sunshine and Estuary Vistas had the Phear Park members skipping like spring  lambs taking to the pastures for the first time.  The greens were in fine fettle and played well, many thanks going to the hard work by  the grounds staff team over the closed season.  Phear Park welcomed the start of the 2017 bowls season with the Presidents drive.  A good number of club members were present to see the new club president  Margo Allen send down the first wood to get the new season underway.  The drive is an internal club competition being competed for by teams of triples.  Six teams took to the green and competition was fierce, perhaps making up for the  months  of inactivity, throughout the winter. All were keen to catch the selectors eye and show  their skills.   Eventually the triple of Rick Tatchell, John White and Tim Flather emerged as winners  with an overall score of plus 8. They were rewarded in the clubhouse later with prizes  of bottles of wine presented by the new club president.   Phear Park Bowling Club is a long established and is very keen to attract new members.  A warm welcome is extended to both experienced bowlers, and to those who would like  to try sport for the first time.  Coaching courses and instruction are available and full contact details are shown in  Club web site. http://www.phearparkbowlingclub.co.uk/
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